MARCH  9-13th


Learning Bridge

Bridge is a wonderful challenging game that provides endless rewards to the mind and soul. At FabianBridge, we encourage new players by providing classroom lessons, clinics, mini-lessons and supervised play sessions, as well as a warm, inviting and friendly environment, to assist you in learning this great game.

We offer Beginner Lessons on Monday nights throughout the year that include classroom sessions with plenty of pre-prepared hands to help you use what you have learned. On Tuesday nights, we offer Supervised Play sessions, where you can come and play with no pressure and no scoring. As you play you can ask for advice on bidding, play of the hand or defense. It's a great way to work on your game.

Thursday mornings include a Clinic, a more intermediate bridge lesson. These clinics focus on various elements of the game, conventions, general bidding, making a plan, play of the hand or defense. The Clinics are followed by a non-sanctioned duplicate game where you can work to improve your game and get comfortable playing in a duplicate bridge environment.

And finally, on Fridays, we provide a Mini-Lesson before the Open Game which is an ACBL sanctioned duplicate game.

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